Township Cemeteries

Farmington Township maintains two cemeteries: Hillside Cemetery and East Farmington Cemetery.The cemeteries are operated in conformance with Ohio Revised Code and the rules and regulations established by the Board of Township Trustees. The Board is responsible for the maintenance of all cemetery facilities, including but not limited to the roads, drives, grounds, buildings and other physical properties.    The cemeteries are maintained for the use and benefit of the public and serve all people and faiths. Hillside Cemetery is located on SR 88 and bisected by the eastern border of West Farmington Village.    The two parcels make up the 19‐acres of plots and rolling hills.  In the cemetery is a soldier’s monument made of marble structure.    It was erected by the citizens of the township in commemoration of the gallant services rendered by the soldiers from Farmington in the late war of the Rebellion.  It was dedicated in 1865 at a cost of $1,400 and James A. Garfield, a former president, gave the dedication speech. East Farmington Cemetery is also located on SR 88 at the intersection of Hoffman Norton Road, near the Bristol Township border.  This cemetery is much smaller in size, only 1 acre, but contains a number of mature trees and large monuments.