Important News
Mark the date!! May 12th, starting @ 4:30pm. Large joint benefit auction for the Farmington & Parkman Fire Departments. Proceeds will be split between both departments. Share the flyer! If you would like hard copies of the flyer to help pass around, they will be available shortly at both fire stations.
Benefit Auction Flyer
Again, Farmington Fire Department was chosen as an awardee for this grant. While the amount was small, every little bit helps, and it covered the course. This year, we were reimbursed for one of our members attending a State of Ohio Fire Instructor Course. The award amount was $450.00. See the Fire Marshals award list here....

Today, 2/10/2017 is a special occasion for a previous member of our department. Today Corey Blair graduated from the Columbus Division of Fire fire academy. Corey is now a firefighter for the City of Columbus. Before moving to the Columbus area to pursue his dream, Corey served as a Lieutenant for our department for many years. Corey was a very valuable asset to our department and had helped to implement many improvements we still use today. Not only did he graduate today, he and his wife chose today to announce they are expecting twin girls in the coming months! Congrats to Corey and your family on such a big day!



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